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Audit Manager job descriptioN

Position Purpose
The Audit Manager is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the progress of several financial statement audits conducted using a risk-based approach.  A majority of the Firm’s audit clients are not-for-profits, some of which are subject to uniform (A-133) guidance.

Position Reports to
The Audit Manager reports primarily to the Audit Partner and secondarily to the audit engagement partner.

Position Responsibilities

  • Ensure the audit work performed is in accordance with GAAP
  • Utilize a risk-based approach to planning and performing audits
  • Uphold firm standards and follow firm procedures
  • Aid in analyzing the audit process to improve efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Perform detail review of audits
  • Ensure consistency in audit files
  • Recognize audit issues and perform related research
  • Present audited financial statements to the client

Staff Supervision

  • Train and coach staff to further staff’s advancement
  • Assist with in-house group training sessions
  • Provide input in performance evaluations of staff
  • Monitor audit work to ensure timely completion and to minimize time overruns
  • Values a balance between work and life

Firm promotion

  • Understand the importance of client service
  • Participate in obtaining new clients
  • Willingness to be involved in the community
  • Perform other tasks as needed

Position Skills

  • Possess a college degree and be licensed as a CPA or a Chartered Accountant pursuing a CPA license.
  • Have a minimum of seven years experience with demonstrated increase in the level of responsibility and supervision

Measures of Success

  • Complete audits in a timely fashion as determined by the client and the firm
  • Achieve profitability goals for the audit practice
  • Improvement in knowledge and capabilities of staff

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